Online personality transplant lately?

Lately I’ve been thinking about this ever emerging skill space that sits somewhere between the domains of learning, knowledge and marketing. It has something to do with people. It’s about exchange through conversation. This space has something to do with social media, community and something do with transformation and  information. But it’s something a little more than that…for the sake of calling it something, lets call it Online Personality Transplantation! Fr’instance:

Luis Suarez recently wrote about the new relationship between learning and knowledge

“Informal Learning is changing the game from traditional Learning itself”… “social computing is provoking a paradigm shift with regards to how we share our knowledge and collaborate with other knowledge workers both inside and outside of the corporate firewall.”

Then, James Dellow wrote up a summary of the  Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum including this quote

“while the IT and Marketing communities have been sharing experiences with using social computing, there isn’t enough sharing between those groups and the Learning and Development sector who are another significant group that are using the same tools.”

Personality Transplant Latlely? Image originally uploaded by Vagamundos

Everything I am reading and talking about lately seems to involve different aspects of marketing AND learning – from the books on my shelves, to people I follow on Twitter, RSS feeds I read or projects I am involved with. I’m certain it’s not a lack of focus. There just happpens to be a lot of common threads of information involved.

What does this mean for future roles within Learning Services, Knowledge Management and Marketing? I wonder if Online Personality Subject Matter Experts (Personality Transplant Gurus even- ha!) will become engaged in projects across these areas, to assist with the development and maintenance of personal online brands, communities, transactions (of information or products) and to spring some authenticity and personality into jaded teams and brands? What about you? Do you find yourself  “transplanting personality” into different projects and areas of the organisation using social media? How do you think roles are merging and changing through the increased adoption of social media?