Online personality transplant lately?

Lately I’ve been thinking about this ever emerging skill space that sits somewhere between the domains of learning, knowledge and marketing. It has something to do with people. It’s about exchange through conversation. This space has something to do with s ocial media, community and something do with transformation and  information. But it’s something a little more than that…for the sake of calling it something, lets call it Online Personality Transplantation! Fr’instance:

Luis Suarez recently wrote about the new relationship between learning and knowledge

“Informal Learning is changing the game from traditional Learning itself”… “social computing is provoking a paradigm shift with regards to how we share our knowledge and collaborate with other knowledge workers both inside and outside of the corporate firewall.”

Then, James Dellow wrote up a summary of the  Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum including this quote

“while the IT and Marketing communities have been sharing experiences with using social computing, there isn’t enough sharing between those groups and the Learning and Development sector who are another significant group that are using the same tools.”

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Everything I am reading and talking about lately seems to involve different aspects of marketing AND learning – from the books on my shelves, to people I follow on Twitter, RSS feeds I read or projects I am involved with. I’m certain it’s not a lack of focus. There just happpens to be a lot of common threads of information involved.

What does this mean for future roles within Learning Services, Knowledge Management and Marketing? I wonder if Online Personality Subject Matter Experts (Personality Transplant Gurus even- ha!) will become engaged in projects across these areas, to assist with the development and maintenance of personal online brands, communities, transactions (of information or products) and to spring some authenticity and personality into jaded teams and brands? What about you? Do you find yourself  “transplanting personality” into different projects and areas of the organisation using social media? How do you think roles are merging and changing through the increased adoption of social media?

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  1. Luis Suarez

    Hiya Jazz! What a great follow up blog post from the one I put together, as well as that one from James! After reading it I think it is becoming increasingly clearer that all of those disciplines will eventually have to blend to help accommodate the next generation of the workforce that is already in the corporate world where a mixture of cross skills is becoming more paramount than ever before. In this multi-disciplinary business world, more and more knowledge workers will need to learn about multiple job roles and acquire those skills while on the job, in order to become more productive than ever!

    That’s also what Jay Cross has been saying as well with regards to Learning, that it needs to become more informal, more like a peer to peer process, that quote I mentioned on “Partners in Learning” in order to help accommodate the acquisition of those “new” skills. It would be important to see though whether HR would realise about these needs and adjust career paths accordingly. We shall see …

    1. wonderwebby

      Hi Luis! Well thanks, I realise this proposition of a “personality transplant” or personality enhancement role might seem a bit silly (so thanks for your comment!) but I do agree with you that potentially “all of [these]disciplines will eventually have to blend to help accommodate the next generation of the workforce” Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Luis Suarez

    Hi Jazz! Well, I don’t think it is silly. In fact, it sparked my comment as I made the connection with that blending of disciplines and having knowledge workers learning these new cross-pollinating skills is not going to be a nice thing to have, but an essential one! So spot on, Jazz! Like usual! :-))

    See you online!

  3. innotecture

    Hello – I wrote this a while ago and now it’s up – I’d like to get your opinion:

    The link between learning & knowledge is pretty clear for me. How these two link to marketing is trickier. I think it boils down to the exchange of intangibles – which is a fancier term for conversation. The web makes these exchanges more visible now than they have been in the past.

    Pondering: The ultimate purposes of L&K and Marketing are different. One is about performance improvement / capability building and one is about selling stuff. But skills required have partly shifted from making stuff (TV ads, training courses) to facilitating others doing things – which is a different.

    You need to know the technology but you also need to understand things around facilitation, complexity, networks, all that stuff (at least at a gut level).

  4. Luis Suarez

    Hi Matt! Great commentary! I must say I am still digesting your article for an upcoming blog post I am putting together, but couldn’t resist commenting over here sharing how perhaps the missing link between L&K and Marketing would be Communications. In fact, if you associate Marketing & Communications, which is what some businesses are starting to do already, then it is much easier, imo, to connect L&K with Marketing, through Communications.

    And this is where I feel that both Learning & Knowledge would benefit tremendously since through that communication they would be able to stay on top, specially on the capability building aspect.

    But like I said, I need to finish up the draft post I am working on based on your article. Hope to have it up and running shortly… Thanks!

    1. wonderwebby

      Hi Matt and Luis – what an interesting discussion! Matt I’m looking forward to reading that article soon!
      So the missing link appear to be: facilitation, complexity, networks, communications, capability building….

  5. innotecture

    Jazz – I think it’s a missing meshwork not necessarily just a link ;-)

    Luis – I kinda agree with you but “Communications” is a very broad term. Pretty much everything we do in business as a communications aspect. Is it too broad to be useful?

  6. Luis Suarez

    Hi Matt! You bring in a very good point. I agree with you that perhaps Communication is a far too broader of a term, indeed. I am thinking though whether we need to keep pushing forward for the message that splits up the concepts of communication & collaboration. Far too many times people confuse both of them as being one and only same thing, but hardly ever are. I think that’s because of that broader sense of Communication. So I agree with you that perhaps we should be careful with it. It may not be as useful as I thought it would be, indeed. Good point.

    Yet, it gets the message across quite nicely… Guess I’ll need to do further thinking on it and see whether it makes sense going further up that road…

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