A Woman's Investment

As you may have read in a recent post, I decided I wanted to make a difference. Well, I’m now a voluntary Ambassador at Women’s Opportunity (see the new page on my blog) and just sent this letter out to some friends about an exciting project. With your help I’m going to create some inspiring slides for a great cause. If you know anybody who might want to be involved, or if you would like to be involved – please let me know!

I’d like to invite you to be part of something important, extraordinarily wonderful, and so simple. You can change the lives of a group of women in the Philippines – just by writing a single sentence!

The reason I am asking you is because I believe you are a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Along the way, you made an investment. It may have been words you spoke, a course you undertook, a gift you gave, a smile, a risk or an adventure. Perhaps another woman made an investment in you.

This small group of women in the Philippines is ready to step out and be part of an entrepreneurial microcredit program with Women’s Opportunity. We have much in common, despite being born into different circumstances. And now you have the opportunity of helping 15 – 30 women born into poverty change the quality of their lives forever.

If you would like to be involved, all I require from you is a sentence about “a woman’s investment” and I will create a gorgeous looking set of slides (to be published on Slideshare.net) with stunning photographs in November.

As an example
[slideshare id=629104&doc=a-womans-investment-1222856721013692-9&w=425]

“When she invests in others, she impacts generations” or
“My mother’s investment in taking huge risks gave me the opportunity of a better education”
{Name, Title (optional) Country}

Once the collated responses are published on slideshare.net I will be asking viewers to make a voluntary donation (for instance $10) towards my goal of raising $10,000 to create a Trust Bank for these women at http://wonderwebby.chipin.com. People will be able to add these slides to their blog, their Myspace page, Facebook etc, so your words will inspire and resonate with people all around the world. I’m really looking forward to reading your unique insights on what happens when a woman invests.

If you, or someone you know – would like to be part of this inspiring project, simply:
Post your responses on the theme of “A woman’s Investment” on LinkedIn by the end of October. (** or reply here of course! or Trackback!)
• Alternatively you can email me privately at jasmin at wonderwebby dot com with your response or intent to respond.
Please include your name, title/company (optional) and Country.
• If you have a blog or company website you can list that too, as I will compile a list of all contributors and links on my blog.

• Additionally you could submit one of your own illustrations or photographs. Please note, the content will be licensed under Creative Commons, which means people may reproduce your quote or image with attribution.

I hope you will join me on this inspiring journey to see the power of a woman’s investment around the world, to fight poverty.

Best Regards
Jasmin Tragas
Women’s Opportunity Ambassador (Opportunity International Australia)
About the project
About Women’s Opportunity
To donate: http://wonderwebby.chipin.com
Creative Commons

Oh, and hat tip to Gavin Heaton for a couple of great last minute pointers :)
And to Oliver Ding for inspiration with the Freesouls slideshare project, in response to Joi Ito’s book.

Please let your friends know about this special project!