On the other side of New York (and a bit of navel-gazing)

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I thought I’d share a  few more things about me before the trip, because hey, it’s always helpful when you’re meeting new people!

  • I never got a degree but I did get a Masters.
  • I never thought I would get married, in the official sense. But (to my surprise) I got married in big Greek church many moons ago and now we have three wonderful boys
  • I’m the eldest daughter of four siblings from three different marriages.
  • See that girl who just flung her pen across the room as she was talking? That’s me. Clumsy.
  • Because I’m prone to clumsiness I was never particularly good at sports. So I prefer to swim and walk instead.
  • I hate making mistakes. But I’m never afraid to try again.
  • I overthink things. And I’m a visual person. Put the two together and it can get messy :)
  • I like to sing. Perhaps this helps me to stop overthinking :)
  • Money doesn’t impress me at all. But amusingly, over the years I’ve discovered I have an odd knack of helping others to make money.
  • I once was vegan.
  • My very talented and creative mother has unfortunately had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years.
  • One of my brothers has Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Planning is my thing. Ironing is not.
  • Manners matter. People count. And a smile goes a long way.
  • I love the country. I love the beach. I love the city. And the ‘burbs ain’t so bad, after all.
  • I’m generally optimistic, but I play devil’s advocate very well. “What if….”
  • I’ve always enjoyed volunteering for no other reason than….I can. In my early teens I used to volunteer at school holiday programs. In high school I was part of the Equal Opportunities committee. In my twenties I was a foster parent.  It just feels right to give.
  • When I need to rhyme words, I do so by quickly sounding them out alphabetically in my head. Maybe that’s how everyone does it?

Over on Facebook I asked if anyone had questions..and here they are!

buy provigil in nigeria Jo from Dusty Plum asked “Where have you traveled before Jazz? Where is your favourite place to travel with your family?”

When I was 16 I lived in Germany for two months on an exchange student program. As I was explaining to my 7 year old last night, this was in the days before internet, skype, Facetime and Facebook. I didn’t see my photos until about a week after I arrived home and the only correspondence with family was a brief weekly phone call and letters. Actually, I think that was part of the whole experience! I stayed in a small village most of the time, a few days in Stuttgart with another family and a week in Berlin (this was before the Wall came down…and we were told it would never happen.)

When I turned 20 I moved to Melbourne from Adelaide on my own. I’ve lived here ever since.

I’ve also been to China (southern), Italy and France. Since having kids (at one point we had 3 under the age of 5) our holidays have all been in Australia until now, after all I love this country…but it is so big and there is still so much to see and do! We have explore much of Victoria. I love the high country, the beaches at Phillip Island and of course there are so many other wonderful places. We have been to the Gold Coast, once. Northern NSW. Sydney and Tasmania. My favourite place to travel with my family is anywhere near water and good food!

http://nhsevidencetoolkit.net/b-kenkougolfexam-mangroomer/mart103340670/ Shai asked “What’s your career been like so far and how did you end up doing what you do now?”

Wow Shai this could be a long answer, but I’ll keep it short and post about it sometime! In high school I was determined to find my vocation but just couldn’t decide between the arts and health. Maths and science weren’t my strong points, so technology was never part of the plan although I may or may not have been in the lunchtime computer club! So my career so far has always been about finding out what I love to do, doing it well and meeting some awesome people along the way. And in a roundabout way, everything has come together to the point where I get to work part-time, from home, for a blogger, managing ebooks and blog events and freelancing on creative projects. I’m very fortunate.  That’s the short answer, anyway!




I’ve packed my bags and I’m off tomorrow morning. My first trip overseas since my honeymoon. The first time I have left my kids for a long time. Off to have fun, to have an adventure and to discover what lies ahead at BlogHer’12.

I may have packed too many clothes and not enough business cards. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t read fashion/women’s magazines or know all of the big labels, I just happen to think clothes are fun and NYC seems like a fun place to dress up :)
Frock'n'roll all rolled up and ready to rock out the door tomorrow to NYC and #blogher12 Squeeeee!

See you on the other side of New York! You can keep up-to-date with my NYC adventure over on my Facebook Page for the next week.

Now to finish the domestic duties before I leave my boys and husband for 10 days. There are hand-me-down school uniforms to re-label. A few shirts to iron (if I get time….yes, I’m very good at avoiding ironing) and a bit of movie night (that is TV and popcorn) to enjoy with my lads.


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