Our Lives Online

Some people write beautiful blogs. They share stories about their children and the hidden treasures found in life’s experiences. Back when I interviewed Penni about her blog and other interesting things, I asked about her decision to share stories on her blog about her girls. And you might remember her answer, which I’m reposting.

“Because of <my blog’s>  humble beginnings I have always felt comfortable with the idea of posting pictures of my kids and using their real names. Occasionally I wonder how they will feel about the identities I have created for them online, and as they get older I know I’ll probably be constrained more in what I can write about them, because they’ll be more self-conscious about it (which will be sad for me). All I can say is I write with empathy and love and hopefully that is how they will see it.”

“Perhaps I am naive but I don’t feel threatened in terms of personal security by that information existing online. Of course I can be tracked down if anyone was keen enough to find me, but I could anyway, through my books, through the biographical information already available about me. I am, to some degree, a public entity.”

I really admire Penni’s decision to share their lives online, and it’s wonderful to read about her daughter Frederique”s first day at school.  And still, I’m not sure how I feel about adding images of my own children online with the general public. Once I asked the eldest boy to dress up and draw a prize for a competition. When I replayed the video I realised that I was not only  speaking to my son in a funny voice (!) but I also wondered if he would look back and ask why he was wearing a silly mask.

Somebody told me a story about his colleague who had people unexpectedly rock up at her doorstep, after meeting them in Secondlife. She completely freaked out and never went back into Secondlife again. “Be careful, that’s all I’m saying,” he warned me. I know a couple of bloggers who have been stalked. Usually they shake them off. But I guess its these kind of stories that make me feel a bit uncomfortable about sharing toooo much.

Anyhow, my brother took these photos at the beach recently and they seemed too good NOT to share. It’s been so hot here and we spent some time cooling down along our beautiful coastline.

and here’s one of mine

See – too lovely not to share those moments. Which is how I feel about Penni’s blog .
Do you share photos of your children online, on your blog, on Flickr, on Facebook, YouTube etc ? What made you come to that decision? How do you feel about online privacy? I’d love to hear your thoughts.