Paintings everywhere. Get down and get back up again.

Off the wall
I had fun taking down many of our paintings and pictures OFF the walls today, so that we can put some new paint ON the walls. Some are paintings by my mum, some I bought online from artists (and a token Banksy print off ebay – and yes I admit – an Ikea print!) and some are framed family photos.

I remember seeing an episode of Grand Designs where the owners made a decision to live without their art collection, but instead opted to live inside a work of art. While I really like the idea of creating a home inside a work of art, I can’t imagine our home without paintings on display, being able to swap them around from time to time and create new stories on the walls for sharing. I’d love to think that we’ll continue adding artwork from many different artists to our very humble collection, especially people that we meet along the journey. Not just on our walls either….sculpture in our garden too.

Do you enjoy having artwork around your home? Which original artwork would you LOVE to hang up on your walls?

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