Photo Countdown

Sometimes the puzzle pieces of your career all jigsaw together in a funny way. I used to work with Horse Bazaar’s Mark Walsh and now he has kindly offered to create the digital wall show for Shout Out Social. He’s starting the show design this weekend – how exciting! It also means there are only a few days left to get your photos in. Anyone can submit – here’s a taste of submissions so far and a reason to add your designs or photos to the Flickr pool (or email them to me)


I made it using Animoto, which isn’t exactly a  flexible video editing site, but it’s certainly effective and easy to use.

By the way, I knoooow it’s another Shout Out Social post – back to my usual blogging soon. This event is kinda my focus right now :) As always I’m always interested to read what you have to say, your thoughts and your ideas. What do you enjoy reading & discussing here on Wonderwebby?

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