Powerful Writing

You may have heard that in order to lead, you need to serve. In my experience, words only have power when they serve us in their readability and intent. If words brag and parade in order to make their point, they lose all their power. I’m sharing some questions I ask myself when I want to write “more than just another blog post about nothing.”

writer’s block?

Is my message simple? Sometimes the simplest message can be more powerful than a lengthy and elaborate blog post. Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. Powerful writing delivers a message.

Am I speaking with authority? Write about things you feel comfortable with, topics you know about, things that inspire you and discuss with your friends so that your style is natural. Powerful writing speaks with authority.

What is my message? It’s one of the reasons I use the search engine un-friendly two word headings. If I can’t sum it up in two words, I probably don’t have a clear message. Powerful writing communicates clearly and simply.

Am I willing to be bold? Never say no to a writing adventure. Speak with authority, but take a risk. Step outside of your comfort zone. Try a different writing style. Respond to a meme (like this one) or volunteer to contribute to a book ;) Powerful writing takes a risk and hopes to dream.

Does it make any difference (or So What)? Is it something my children would be proud of? I always wonder what would happen if they stumbled across my blog archives in years to come. Sentimental as it might seem, it tends to be a good gauge of quality writing for me. Powerful writing makes a difference or has a purpose.

There you have it. Powerful writing delivers a message, speaks with authority, communicates simply, takes a risk and makes a difference.

This post is in response to a writing challenge by Joanna Young from Confident Writing who asks “What does powerful writing mean to you?” You can respond by writing a post, writing a guest post or sending her a one line summary via email or Twitter.

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