Pretty pictures if you please – ebooks (and more in the works)

Last night I resolved to post less on Facebook and to post here instead. So I hope to see you more often! For starters, I thought I’d share some of the eBooks I’ve been fortunate enough to produce with Darren Rowse this year. It’s wonderful to be working on two subjects I love – blogging and photography!

I’m very excited about this eBook – launching today! A couple of years ago I completed a 52 week challenge in self-portraiture on Flickr. The author of our new eBook, Anna Gay, has completed a couple of years worth of daily self-portraits! She’s been such a pleasure to work with (like all of our authors) and I’ve really enjoyed helping her to put this baby together.

The Art of Self-Portraiture – Anna Gay’s 365 Days

Anna Gay Self Portrait eBooks

First Week of Blogging eBookLast week we launched ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging. It’s also only half price at $9.99 for just a few more days and it’s a great resource for anyone starting out blogging. It takes you through seven days of activities to get your blog right first time. I’m actually thinking of going through and doing the exercises myself, so it’s not just for pre-bloggers. And yes, that’s my handwriting on the cover :)


Back in April we launched an eBook by travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich, Captivating Color. It captures some beautiful images from his travel adventures & he details how you can use colour to convey emotions and share stories. Mitchell will be in Melbourne for a couple of days later this week, and I’m looking forward to meeting him in person.



The first eBook I produced with Darren this year was Photo Nuts & Shots, which is packed with tips & techniques for taking good photos! It’s the second successful eBook authored by Neil Creek in this series. He writes really clearly so that technical tips are easy to understand and has some great examples of his photography to give you ideas.




Finally, here’s one you can download for free. It’s a PDF on how to take a photo of yourself to use as an avatar, also written by Anna Gay. Enjoy!




6 thoughts on “Pretty pictures if you please – ebooks (and more in the works)

  1. Ric

    Jas – great to see you back out of the jaws of Facebook! My feed reader has been missing you here :)

    Good to see you ‘ve been busy in the new job.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      oh thanks Ric!
      Not sure I’ll get off FB entirely….but only plan to check in when I need to. It’s become a lazy way to share info and I want to get back into blogging :) Happy to hear about the topics you’ve enjoyed reading here so I can write some more.

  2. Gavin Heaton

    Nice collection of work! There’s a real joy and satisfaction in creating something like this, huh? It reminds me of editing my first book (it was a boring legal book, but it was thrilling to see it go from idea to something real!)

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Cheers Gavin. Lots of joy and satisfaction, and we have a few in progress right now – very exciting. I love launch nights like this too…always anticipating how things will go.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Nicole, it’s true. Sure, there’s a lot of work involved and it has taken plenty of practice and patience to et to this point, but I’m really enjoying it. I was always encouraged to work on stuff that I loved by my parents :)

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