ProBlogger Training Event 2012 and a Day Spa next year please

What a week!

I’m finally resurfacing after ProBlogger Training Event 2012. This is the second ProBlogger Event I’ve had the pleasure of helping to organise. As usual, I didn’t get the chance to attend many sessions. However managed to spend some time chatting to people and speakers in between breaks. One of the most consistent messages I kept hearing was that of “doing the work.” These opportunities to blog for a living, to make money online, blogging success…they don’t just happen. Opportunities happen to people with drive, determination, people who help and people who DO.

buy Lyrica canada Our ebook Session

Misho Baranovic and I gave a presentation together on the first day of the Training Event, about the way our ProBlogger and dPS teams create ebooks. Misho is a mobile photographer who worked on our recent iPhone Photography ebook at Digital Photography School. I haven’t presented to a crowd for a couple of years and I was only standing thanks to some cold & flu meds…but somehow managed to share for about 20 minutes before Misho presented.

Matthew from UX Mastery took some visual notes of our session…thanks Matthew!


Jasmin Tragas & Misho Baranovic: How To Create eBooks


Mundelein The Celebrations

Later that evening we celebrated at Maha – the food was exquisite and I was blown away by the service.  Here are some pics of the chefs and waiting staff. Thank you so much for making our experience just perfect!

The team from SmileBooth Australia took our photos and made us laugh. I tried to round up our event team for a quick snap!

problogger team pulling funny faces

ProBlogger team pic The Gratitude

This year out team grew beyond Darren, Nicole (brilliant job of content curation) and myself, to include even more registration desk volunteers (thanks to World Vision Australia for being at the desk too – with 300+ nametags to distribute we needed you!), room producers, and a virtual event team! I have a sneaking suspicion the team will grow even more next year! I really appreciated so many attendees coming up to say thank you and expressing their gratitude for the event. It made it all worth it. I’m just sorry I didn’t get around to saying hello so many people.

A total highlight was meeting Chris Guillebeau. To be completely honest I didn’t know that much about him beforehand, apart from looking at his website and exchanging a few emails. But I was really impressed with what I heard from his sessions and he was one of the most pleasant speakers people I’ve ever worked with!

Yes, I was exhausted after #PBevent this year. I slept, drank copious amounts of tea and ate lots of chocolate on Sunday. I also booked myself in for a massage today! In fact, I suggested on Twitter that we have a PBevent recovery at a Day Spa next year and at least a dozen people said a big YES. What do you think? I’ll see what we can do :)

To those of you who attended, and all of our sponsors… thank you thank you so much for making the event a success. Hope to see you at PBevent next year!

18 thoughts on “ProBlogger Training Event 2012 and a Day Spa next year please

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Thanks Kelly…we’re always to trying to learn what worked, what didn’t and how we can improve. We’ll be looking at the feedback forms later this week. I think the attendees MADE the event this year…some really interesting and smart peeps!

  1. Belinda Weaver

    It was such a well organised event Jasmin. You and the team should be extremely proud of yourselves!

    I love your line “opportunities happen to people who help and people who DO”

    Now it’s time to turn some of that inspiration into action! I am already looking forward to next year.

  2. Loren Bartley

    You did such an amazing job Jasmin, especially considering you weren’t well. I love the visual notes from the session by Matthew. He is spot on! Did he take notes for all the sessions, because they are way better than mine?!?!

  3. Lisa Wood

    I so wanted to go but couldnt make it! It sounded like a blast :)
    And yep the day spa sounds like the best thing for after the event!

    Amazing how big the Problogger event is getting – wish they had one in QLD as well as one in Melbourne?

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