Prolific Profiling

Could this be a new learning and knowledge or communications job description in the not-so-distant future?

Online Identity Development Manager

Seeking a community shepherd to implement and manage online identity within globally evolving learning and knowledge networks:

Implement the creation of an online Identity Development Plan for each employee. A plan to develop and maintain 2D and 3D avatars, eg profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, virtual worlds and other agreed social networking tools suitable for each job function, contribution to a professional individual or group blog, tagging of colleagues etc

Oversee the uptake of self-directed daily investment by employees developing and maintaining online identity and knowledge networks

Educate employees about profile personality attributes and avatar grooming, deportment and netiquette (for the aesthetically and socially challenged :p)

Enable employees to create knowledge networks by embracing and establishing leading online identities and social networks

Assist employees to use lifelogging and microblogging tools

Provide education around the practice of knowledge and profile sharing, profile (and personal) protection and adoption of business conduct guidelines

Promote telepresence, confidence, trust and authenticity

Develop micro-learning modules and identify key knowledge stakeholders for pervasive knowledge distribution

Introduce attention management and telepresence focussed time management skills

Promote innovative collaboration and quality contributions using social media

Provide reporting and analysis of networked activity

Potential candidates must have evident virtual learning communities and a Technorati ranking of less than 100,000 etc etc (heh, you can add to my list!!)

Will the Learning Development and Knowledge Manager role/s soon transform to assist employees developing their informal modes of learning (telepresence) and focus on virtual identity?

Strikes me that those not thinking about including profile and avatar maintenance as part of routine individual development will not be well equipped in the rapidly evolving and changing communications, learning and knowledge sharing space. Traditional learning will still exist and be important of course, but perhaps the pressing demand for telepresence, on demand relevant information and dynamic interactive knowledge networks will make classrooms, elearning, and hierarchal knowledge transfer seem less critical.

I’ll leave you with a nice visual example of profile driven learning – take a look at this map discovered on Jack Vinson’s blog recently.
Marlilyn Martin’s Learning Terrain

Marilyn Martin’s learning terrain

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