Raising funds together for Nepal

Not too long ago, Nepal was struck with devastating earthquakes. I intended to donate, but I’m ashamed to say I never stopped to give… and in the end my good intent simply moved to the bottom of a meaningless “to do” list. That was until last week when a few things happened to force me to action.World Vision Australia kid friendly spaces

I heard heartbreaking stories first-hand from colleagues and friends in Nepal. I turned away someone asking for another charity at my doorstep (I know that we can’t always give to every person who asks, but I sort of stunned myself how quickly I said no). I had been watching stories about people pursuing dreams and it got me thinking about focus. My youngest was telling me he wants to go to India when he grows up, to help people. Finally, I received a letter from World Vision Australia about the Nepal Earthquake Appeal and I knew it was time to act. As I followed the prompts, I noticed a “start a fundraiser” option through community fundraising site EverydayHero.

What if I did more than donate? What if I asked my friends, family, colleagues and social network…so that together we can make a difference?

Funds are still needed, so it’s not too late to donate. World Vision is focused on helping 100,000 people with shelter, food, clean water, health supplies and safe places for children (who make up a staggering 50% of Nepal’s population) to learn and play.

I thought it would be wonderful if  we could help this community fundraising site reach $100k for 100,000 people.  At the time, they had only raised $92,300 for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

My goal of $7,700 was set.

I started the ball rolling with a donation myself and shared the link on social media. Yikes! What was I thinking? Who am I to try and raise that much money? Panic set in…

It didn’t take long for a few amazing people to donate and I was reassured that people care, that together we can make a difference. Within 24 hours a few of us have already raised $446 . But I still have a long way to go….

I’m now looking for 100 96 more amazing people to donate AUD $75 to help reach this goal of $7700 for World Vision Australia’s work in Nepal.

Will you donate $75 to help the earthquake appeal? Donating is easy (credit card, paypal etc) and won’t take long – just go to https://nepalappeal2015.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

Several years have passed since I tried to raise this much money. Yes, I’m a bit nervous. But I’m counting on the kindness of friends to help me achieve a dream. I’m also looking at hosting a social event/fundraiser in Melbourne for a limited number of people who donate over $70.

I hope you will join me in making a difference… let’s see how much we can raise by the end of June.  https://nepalappeal2015.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

World Vision’s emergency relief activities seek primarily to save lives and reduce human suffering, protect and restore livelihoods, and reduce the risks faced by disaster-prone communities. World Vision partner with the United Nations and other organisations to ensure that their response is efficient, effective and focused on ensuring people’s basic needs are met and human rights are protected. 

With over 8,000 people killed, 16,808 injured and over 750,000 homes damaged or destroyed through the recent earthquakes, the people of Nepal need urgent support.  World Vision has been working alongside communities and local organisations in Nepal since 1982, and will continue long after this earthquake to help communities rebuild and create a better world for children.

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