Relaxing start to Frocktober On the 1st of Frocktober I started with a skirt,
1st of #Frocktober
because I had to travel for two hours to the beach and I was dressed to drive. So it was a Melbourne-designed skirt, not a frock (is that cheating?) which I wore to initiate the fundraising fun. The skirt’s a bit odd, but it’s comfortable!
1st of #frocktober
Topped with a necklace given to me by a friend for my birthday. No heels today…practical pedal to the metal footwear. Well, not quite.
Just before sunset, we walked down to the beach. A bit breezy for frocks (brrr) but beautiful.
Beach Boys
Cluj-Napoca On the 2nd of Frocktober the maxidress came out of hiding.
It’s beachy! ish.
2nd of #frocktober
I still needed a cardi to keep me warm.
#frocktober day the playground
The boys played at the park and I watched. The only problem with wearing a frock at the playground is that you can’t join in and climb. At least, not very gracefully.
#frocktober day 2 cont...
We walked back along the beach
before enjoying an icecream on the pier.

On the 3rd of Frocktober the sun was shining,
so I was able to wear a pretty little dress found in one of Melbourne’s lovely laneway boutiques.
The boys were in holiday mode after two nights away, so I sat on the deck and enjoyed my coffee and a little reading. Bliss.
3rd of #frocktober sunshine, book, coffee and another frock on to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research
Now, whether it was the influence of wearing my frivolous frock I do not know, but a walk along a lovely stretch of wild surf turned a reflection upside-down.
Lovely day

There you have it…three days of #Frocktober and 28 to go. Eeep! I’d really appreciate your encouragement – please consider making a donation to help fund research for an Ovarian Cancer early detection test.

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