Roast vegetables and fresh snapdragons

What do you do when you finally have a couple of hours to yourself each day?
Roast veg, rocket, parmesan and cranberries

You take your time making a roast vegetable salad with pumpkin, green capsicum, eggplant, mushrooms, garlic and spanish onionĀ  – with a drizzling of olive oil and rock salt (baked in an 190 degree C oven for 45 mins). You cool it slightly and serve it with rocket (arugula) , shaved parmesan and a few cranberries. Lentil soup politely bubbles away on the stovetop. The house smells gooood.


You buy fresh flowers. You listen to the radio.
You draw. You pin.
At least, that’s I have found myself doing lately. And you know what? It feels like quite a luxury.

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