Secondlife Faces

Is it just me or does there seem to be a storm of activity happening on Facebook right now by Secondlife-ers? People who were connecting on SL groups are (re)creating groups in FB and learning even more about one another, sharing family photos, playing with friend-wheels etc
My theory – networking within Secondlife at present is very limited. Networking could be(is?) a huge drawcard for virtual worlds. There is more talk about the funky aspects of VW than the social collaboration possibilities. Facebook offers a visual display “who’s who” with far more transparency.

Imagine if :
* groups in FB and Groups in SL(or other VW) were connected with one interface.
* within FB I could see if somebody was online in-world and connect.
* within SL I could click on a profile and not only “friend” but see my friend’s friends in FB, and connect with them.

Methinks a Virtual Faces application will be coming soon!
And please, why doesn’t Facebook have an option for Friends vs Networks? Privacy filtering is icky.