Semantic Broadcasting

cheap date lyrics Information buy Clomiphene fertility drug as you know it is changing. Step into a different visual metaphor with me for a moment and enjoy the ride.

ignobly Just discovered this Semantic Broadcasting experiment by David Bausola aka Zero Influencer (who is another author for the Age of Conversation sequel). It’s based on the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, created as a visual mash-up including associated lyrics, a Randy George cover, RSS, Flickr images and Flitter (read more…)

Oh…and for a moment, imagine interacting with information like this in a holographic,  3D virtual space.


Another interesting thing – I discovered David’s blog by being involved with this collaborative book, following a link to his blog, posting a comment, David then friended me on Twitter, I saw a tweet of his tonight about Friendfeed experiments and somehow it all played out that I found the visualisation above!

3 thoughts on “Semantic Broadcasting

  1. Dale Innis

    I find myself unusually skeptical. :) I mean, the video is nice and soothing, but the experience is completely abstract. Would it have been substantially different if it’d been generated from random images from the IE cache, rather than a complicated RSS / flickr / etc mashup based on the lyrics to the music? I suspect not…

  2. wonderwebby

    Thanks again Zero.

    Dale, yes it is visually abstract and creative. This type of visualisation would probably be more meaningful to you if you had a personal connection with some of the content. I just see many possibilities…

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