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One of my mentors Luis Suarez recently chatted with me about motivation, purposeful living and innovation in the world of web2.0. He nudged me to blog and continue the conversation. Served up: Wonderwebby by special request.

A comment by Luis prompted me to share my motivation to enjoy what I do, collaborate with some great individuals around the world who inspire me, serve them and the company I work for (by my attitude and output) and sharpen my skills so that I have the potential to contribute to some amazing projects in my world. I even have a specific purpose statement scrawled down in a notebook. Not an ambitious career statement about work. A simple purpose statement about my life so I can make the moments count.

It’s different to carving out an ambitious career based on goals, success and awards. Those types of careers are meshed out on a canvas of ego. Okay, I admit I have moments of ego, for instance when my obscure Techno-rachy ranking goes up etc. But if that becomes my focus, I am looking in the wrong direction.

If we aim to enjoy what we do and who we work with, we might even enjoy the journey. When you have a reason, a purpose, well then you have something to keep you motivated when the going gets tough or things don’t turn out as you planned. Being happy in what you do might help at times – but it doesn’t sustain, no matter what tools you use for collaboration, how buzzy the creative community is or how many “friends” you have. Purpose goes beyond ambition and is a key to innovation. Purposeful living creates individuals who thrive in every moment and impact the world around them, whether at home or at work.

One of the biggest benefits of social media is realised when “the crowd” can go beyond navel-gazing and begin to use the tools to collaborate and explore paths of innovation. How can you begin to contribute to your world?

Thanks Luis for the nudge to post ;)

12 thoughts on “Serving Purpose

  1. Luis Suarez

    Goodness!! What a fantastic blog post, Jasmin! You know what? It is actually blog posts like this one and the incredibly smart people behind them that help me get up every day and come to work! I have been saying this for quite some time now, but quotes like this one: “If we aim to enjoy what we do and who we work with, we might even enjoy the journey.” are just so spot on!

    I am proud, Jasmin. I am proud to keep coming to work and get busy with folks like yourself that give collaboration and knowledge sharing a new meaning. Whoever would have thought that, right? Well, if we are suposed to be transitioning into a knowledge economy for the 21st century, I guess this is as good as it gets!

    Thanks ever so much for putting in words, in a blog post, that conversation we had a few days ago! Already bookmarked it! ;-)

  2. Ric

    Jazz – congrats on coming to this realisation younger than I did … in the end it’s not about what strokes us, it’s about what fulfills us, what makes us fit for purpose …

    Nice work Luis … from Gran Canaria to Melbourne in a twitter

  3. Ada Alfa

    What an inspiring post Jazz. I couldn’t agree more that purpose goes way beyond career aspirations and is key to being innovative and fulfilled.

    I’m off to scrawl my own purpose statement at the front of a new notebook, new leaf, new chapter…

  4. Luis Suarez

    @Ric, and to think that all of this started out of the blue with Jazz coming up to me and do an informal conversation. Look where it got us! Loving it! Still savouring the aftertaste of such a lovely blog post. Something that keeps reminding me of why I hang out with the folks I hang out and why I share and collaborate with others with a specific purpose ;-)

    And no matter where we all are :-D

    (Hope others would be able to see it soon…)

  5. grinbear

    Jazz, my new colleague, this is why those of us who have chosen this path less traveled, continue to run our traps, check our sites, glean our crops. Thanks for corroboration that collaboration is the message, not the medium that we seek. I am now stoked to complete my next entry into The Green Hills of Earth about a new ‘old’ colleague I didn’t know I had, Mo-Tzu, philosopher from the 4th century bce. :o)

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  7. wonderwebby

    @ric “in the end it’s not about what strokes us, it’s about what fulfills us, what makes us fit for purpose”

    sums it up nicely :)

  8. jack Mason


    Love how your mind works.and what you had to say reminds me that social media or these new modes of thinking and sharing actually enable us to live the more considered life that socrates and others contend make life worth living. Many of the tools and environments that we’ve all been playing with recently are, in the end, better ways for is to think, learn, and experience life together, in strange new configurations that transcend work, play, geography and social organization

  9. Jon Swanson

    Thanks for the link connecting me to your post. I have been talking with people recently about needing to be clear about ‘who’ and ‘what’ before worrying so much about ‘where’. You capture that with more clarity than I’ve been finding.

    well said.

  10. questfortheheartstone

    yet another amazing post wonderwebby… i have never seen a more succinctly put better written blog that really speaks to the heart about what is really important….

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