Shake up the status update (and make spaces beautiful again)

Lately I have felt like the web has turned into this:

{ Hallmark style picture }

{ witty quote }

{ repeat }

It’s not just on Facebook. It’s on Twitter. And Instagram. Our blogs. And so on.


Don’t you think it’s time to shake up the status (quo) update?

I’m tired of interesting. I’d like to see more beautiful and thoughtful spaces again.

This might be an odd  example, but recently I turned a workspace into creative retreat.

Which workspace?

My laundry.

Yes. I know. You can laugh. But this is why. I really don’t like doing laundry. Can you relate? Last year it felt like the laundry was piling up on top of me. I dreaded going into that room. Washing? No problem. But hanging, folding, and sorting for five people…it’s just not my zen. It probably wasn’t that bad, but in my mind…the very thought of walking into that room made me roll my eyes.

One evening last week, I was reading a Megan Morton book from the library and found her tips on beautiful spaces.  For the laundry, she says, replace buckets with vases and also turn it into a place where you arrange flowers –  or something along those lines.  So I put down that book and stood in front of my laundry with my hands on my hips. Right! That day, I got rid of many things from my room of terror. I moved things around and  lined my cupboards and bench with vases. I placed a big pinboard up on the wall for inspirational pictures. And then….it happened.
A bit of happy in my Laundry

A task as simple as turning a workspace into a creative space made all the difference.  My laundry is now my zen room. I’m taking care in how I fold clothes. I’m even (cough) ironing the odd shirt. More importantly – for me – it has become a place to think and create. That day, I cut some flowers from the garden for my laundry and asked the boys to put some coloured chalk drawings on the fence near the clothesline. I hung up a large corkboard so that I can have a place for my favourite words and pictures. My ten year old found it and left a surprise for me :)


I’m still no Martha Stewart, but I was really surprised by the big difference a few flowers could make.

What does this have to do with shaking up the status update?

Physical spaces and virtual spaces can be so similar. I think it’s fascinating. We inhabit spaces. We socialise in spaces. We navigate, we think and we do. We put up walls. We knock them down. We personalise. We collaborate. And so on…

Do you feel like some of your virtual spaces have become a big pile of laundry? Would you like to join with me in creating original, creative and thoughtful spaces again? It’s time to shake up the status update.

Would you like to join me? Here are a couple of ideas.



This month I plan to join in Hailey Bartholomew’s gratitude ’30 day filming’ project Steps…

  • take camera with you everywhere.
  • film any moments that inspire or make you smile
  • film something everyday
  • play, experiment, get comfortable and try, try again till you get a shot you love! Edit… (at the end of the month)

I have started taking my video snippets and I’m loving the moving image again. I’m hoping to play with video a lot this year!



Stacey Monk is one of those amazing people that you meet on the interwebs.
Today I saw her share a project all about the seeds of hope, inspired by  Mama Lucy.

  • Create a piece of art or simply write on a piece of paper your greatest hope for the world by filling in the phrase I will create a world where...”
  • Take your art and find for it a small sacred space in your home. (hehe….maybe my laundry!)
  • On another tiny piece of paper write down all the things that make you feel the possibility you’ve just written down is hopeless…all of your fears and doubts.
  • Put a candle next to your art and burn your hopelessness at the altar of your hope.  Literally burn your fears and doubts with that candle.
  • Post photos of your artwork and your process by tagging them #loveapocalypse and #hope on flickr, instagram and/or pinterest.  Most importantly, share them on the Facebook page at
  • Invite your friends and family to join in.


If you would like to join in or if you can think of other ways to shake up the status update I’d really like to hear your ideas.

Cheers and have a wonderful week!

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    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Carly, awwww thanks! I was thinking this post was probably a bit of a garbled mess but I’m glad it must have made a bit of sense! hehe. Have fun making happy beautiful spaces :)

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