Sharing Treasure Somewhere tucked in-between focused hours spent with my loved ones, work, fundraising, moments of chaos and moments of rest (and maybe a cup of tea) I love the discovery of serendipitous and colourful things you share with me online. Like this striking photo of of tyre marks in dew that my younger brother August shared on Flickr.

where can i buy ivermectin green stripes in dew on grass

practicably On the same day I noticed this firework-like fern, taken by my Twitter friend Amy Palko, appear in my Flickr ‘recent uploads’ feed.

green fern stripes

Thank you for having the boldness, audacity, confidence and joy to share such lovely and striking images. I appreciate the time you take to add colour to the web. It feels like finding treasure, especially when friends live interestate or overseas and the images allow me to see things through their eyes.

When you ‘discover treasure’ like this in-between all the information you process each day, you really appreciate it, don’t you? And even then, as Marigo Raftopolous so beautifully pointed out in the Worldshapers ebook, there is still something wonderful about the treasure you find in your own letterbox.

“despite my love of technology and social media, I still get a buzz out of receiving a letter from one of the children I sponsor from India, Bangladesh or Ethiopia.

Light-weight paper envelopes arrive in my letterbox, battered from traveling from the other side of the world, laden with a row of mysterious colorful stamps and with handwriting scrawled by a hand unfamiliar with our language.

Perhaps it’s something about the connections we make as we share these lovely things with one another.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Treasure

  1. amypalko

    What a lovely post, Jasmine!
    I was just complaining that I’d been put in a grumpy mood by a news report, and then I visited this post. Perfect antidote. Can feel my bad mood dissipating already. Thank you for this lovely treasure :-)

    1. wonderwebby

      You’re very welcome Amy – thanks for sharing your photos. Great to see images from your side of the world :)

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