Shout Out Social

Shout Out from Amy Palko

Shout Out from Amy Palko

”Shout Out Social’ is a collaborative creative project for my Opportunity Australia ambassadorship, aiming to raise awareness and funds for women in poverty – and I hope you can join in!  buy accutane europe A digital bar in Melbourne called  ‘Horse Bazaar’ will be exhibiting some of your photos and artwork, and I’m looking for other venues around the world that might help out on the weekend of 14 – 15th March 2009.

So how can you join in?

Channelview You can submit a photo or illustration that inspires or ‘shouts’ along with a word that matters in the Shout Out Social Flickr Group.

purchase gabapentin 300 mg You can become a fan of the Shout Out Social event on the Facebook fanpage to keep up to date with associated events.

You can also learn more about the program on Slideshare

[slideshare id=959584&doc=shout-out-social-2009-1233102572542121-3]

And of course, most importantly you can donate (even $5 or $10 is really, really appreciated AND tax deductible) on my Chipin event. I’m 10% of the way to raising enough funds for a Trust Bank, which is an Opportunity Australia  program that creates loans and empowers women to work their way out of poverty.

Also a big shout out to Debbe Kennedy who exhibited the previous Womens Opportunity project in her Global Dialogue Center online women’s gallery, and to Dan McCarthy from the Great Leadership blog who recently created a ‘Great Causes’ section to link to my chipin event and other great causes.

So, here’s the thing – I really need your support to help make this happen. Will you shout out for something that matters?

Project Update: Take a  look at some of the Flickr submissions so far. Anyone can submit a photo there or via your blog.

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