Shouting Out for Friendship

I’m continuously amazed by the encouragement and support of  friends during  my Opportunity Australia Ambassadorship. Just when you think the next project won’t come together, somebody gives you the right advice, somebody takes a moment to help out and it comes alive again. Yay for collaboration!

Here’s a little update on the Shout Out Project which is happening over the next few weeks.

[slideshare id=1044342&doc=what-will-you-shout-out-for-1234998485923158-2]

Also I’m thrilled that some amazing women around the world, like Eileen Clegg (look at her Engelbart mural!) will be sharing some inspirational messages on the power of using your creative voice for positive change. You can view these at the event  on a digital wall show and I hope to upload them to YouTube afterwards.

You can still submit your photos or artwork on Flickr, on your blog or email wonderwebby at

Here are some words to help you think of an image. What will you shout out for?

some words to shout out for

some words to shout out for

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6 thoughts on “Shouting Out for Friendship

  1. Shaping Youth

    I’d like to shout out for ACCOUNTABILITY!

    From industry, parents, media/marketing mavens and the youth themselves, we’re ALL stakeholders in taking responsibility for how messaging and actions are uniquely entwined.

    It may take visual insight and media distribution like this to shout about it…but it’s clearly a necessary element! We all have a role in creating a massive mindshift toward healthier living for our planet, for ourselves…

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  3. wonderwebby

    Accountability for “A massive mindshift toward healthier living for our planet.” Love it! Amy I’d love to share this as part of the exhibition – let me know if you have a photo or if I could use your Shaping Youth icon.

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