Shy Girl Bragging

Shy is a girl I know so well.

A brave, determined, quiet girl.


Q. What does Kindergarten Fundraising and a Blogging Event have in common?

A. A shy girl making multiple phonecalls and emails to sponsors.

{it’s true…and I’m getting better at it. Last year some kindergarten mums said to me “oh I could never ask for sponsors, I’m too shy.” Thing is, I hesitate too, but it’s something that I’ve done so many times that I don’t mind any more. I’m finding that as long as I focus on my strengths- like my resilience (some may say stubborn?!) then making requests for money doesn’t phase me any more. Instead it’s all about persisting to achieve a solution that both parties can benefit from.}


Once upon a time, I feared failure. I was also very, very quiet.

Just because you’re shy, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve. Just because you achieve, doesn’t mean you’re not shy.

{Writing about success- is that bragging? 2012 has been a year of new creative projects. Making the decision to join my life drawing group, booking a trip to New York (to have your boss suddenly offer to pay for your costs – out of the blue!), investing in a SuperAwesomeMicroProject, writing an ebook (later this year)…these things don’t just happen. Especially when you’re juggling 3 kids, a husband, a part time job and all of the colours of life. Each time I ask myself…can I do this? I question my abilities and capacity to do these things. But curiosity wins every time. }

Life Drawing Group week 6 - a lovely afternoon class today, an elegant model, classical music and delicious Choc brownies during the break helped #art
life drawing week 6


A type of shy: the apprehensive, questioning, persistent kind. I’m probably an introvert. Recently I scored as extrovert on a personality test. That can’t be right, I thought.


::endnote:: take risks, embrace opportunity, be creative, keep trying, share your journey ::note to self::

How about you? What does being shy mean to you?