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Ever noticed how difficult using avatar pictures to search for a friend on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media goodness you are using is? Ever wonder if you could filter the view on groups of “friends”?

Blythe dolls
litte Blythe dolls lookin’ avatar-ish

When I’m searching for a friend, fun avatar pics tend to get lost in the jumble of colours, icons, photos, illustrations, abstract or generic icons. I would love the ability to search by image instead of typing in a name, but there is no order to the visual chaos. If it was easier to find an avatar it would mean one less step of navigation. I could stay on the same screen instead of being taken to a search results screen, before getting to my friend’s details.

It got me wondering (as Wonderwebby does) is there an better, easier way to organise and search for avatars (by image – not by typing in a name?) I’d like to be able to drag and drop the icons around to sort them. Or, considering how often people change their avatar pics, what about some fuzzy sorting app?

For instance, imagine if you could display the avatars by colour code. A bit like obsessive compulsive wardrobe organisation; white to black with the colour spectrum in-between.

Or, sort alphabetically. And/Or sort by geography. And/Or tag. And/Or group. Etcetera

Then, the other thing. What if you could filter the display of your social networking site via group. There are moments when I want to be able to view work and family only, other times I also want to view colleagues with similar interests, then moments I want the social media burger with the lot. I’d like to have a social network base and networked layers. Friend slices. Sometimes you are in the mood for jumbled up twitterings, other moments your head is so busy you just want the basics thank you. Or would partial-continuous-partial attention (or is that discontinuous-partial attention) be a little snobby and un-socialmedia of me? ;)

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4 thoughts on “Sorting Profiles

  1. Robyn

    Hi Wonderwebby, one of the things I enjoy about MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog,[though I know they are not perfect] is that I can find people by avatars or photos. For instance, I found you simply by clicking on your avatar to discover who you are.

    Now that I’m here, I can see that I enjoy your topics so I will list you as a contact. Then I can easily locate you!

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