Space, Imagination and Perspective

{Week 4 of Wonderment}

A road, a train, a landscape and a big blue sky
This week we drove to Adelaide – around 700km away (440 miles) –  and back for quick holiday. Just now, looking through my photos and deciding which photo to select for a weekly wonderment challenge,  I noticed something.

The sky. Our big, beautiful blue sky.

Why did I notice it? Surely I was taking a photo of the train which seemed to be racing us, the road which went on forever, the golden fields or the red, red earth which graced our path.

Because without space – which may not seem to speak volumes on its own –  it’s more difficult to notice the things which tell a story.

It reminds me that when you want to imagine, when you want to wonder and discover fascinating things – you need to begin by getting rid of the distractions. By scaling back. And allowing the weight of space, the sheer volume of the seemingly unimportant, to grant you a little perspective.

3 thoughts on “Space, Imagination and Perspective

  1. August

    Personally I love horizons – the point where the finite and the infinite meet. Even though the Earth has a finite size, it’s still impossible for us to get closer to the horizon. Is the horizon an illusion?

    ok sudden change of thought, now listening to YMCA

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