A Spring Fundraiser

Some fundraisers make it so easy to participate, that only moments after a friend sends you a link to the Fanpage on Facebook, you find yourself setting up a fundraising page with your own avatar, blog post – even the options for online donations via Paypal and Visa have been taken care of .  You have  Tweeted the link to a couple of thousand people, because it was almost effortless. So, if you like you can join in with this fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research by setting up your own page (it’s easy peasy) or donating towards mine over the next month, so that an early detection test  to save lives can be created. There’s even money to be won.

ovarian cancer fundraiser

Surprisingly, only $300 has been raised for the entire online event so far – will you help to make a difference?

Update: You’re amazing – already $100 donated today. And it only took me 5 minutes to set up. Thank you!

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