Starting Over Some days I feel like starting this blog over again. Stopping the blog. Creating a new brand.

Yasnyy Nearly 8 years have passed since I started Wonderwebby. It was my first blog, apart from a small blog on our intranet back when I was working at IBM. I started off blogging about web2.0 and all the things I was discovering about what seemed like the complete reinvention of the web. I blogged later about fundraising for social good, innovation, digital marketing, collaboration, learning through play, creativity, life-drawing and photography.
I almost didn't make it along to Life Drawing Group this week. I'm so glad I went! #creativetime #lookingafterme

Mariana Since starting this blog I have had a third child, celebrated 13 years of marriage, seen all of my children starting school, quit my job at IBM and started working for a blogger. But in all of this time, my blog has been a personal series of posts with a common theme, I think, of the wonderful webby possibilities and more recently, bringing creativity to life.

Then, this year I started my fortnightly personal Tiny Letter ‘Creative Notes.’ I love writing it, I enjoy the replies and conversations. I’m about to write my fourth Tiny Letter to send out tomorrow. It’s exciting. I could almost stop blogging here and put all of my focus on the Creative Notes brand.


Except that Wonderwebby has become my brand. I feel like there is a history here in my blog, a journey, a viewpoint, a thumbprint.

So I won’t stop blogging. Not yet. And here’s my personal blogging plan…

Anything can happen.

6 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Shai Coggins

    What a coincidence! Just blogged about what it means to “refresh” over at my blog. :)

    So yes, I can totally empathise about wanting to stop and to start over, especially when it comes to blogging. My life has changed so much since I started blogging, and that’s reflected in my main blog that I started 14+ years ago. So, it all seems like a massive jumble of things at times. But, every time I consider just stopping and restarting something else, I find myself going back.

    I think, for people who have been blogging for as long as we have, our blogs have become part of who we are. It’s not us, but it’s become a small (but important) reflection.

    Wishing you well, always, for all the things that you do!

  2. wonderwebby Post author

    Hello Shai! Yes, I absolutely relate to the jumbled up blog. And yes, long term personal blogs have a knack of becoming part of our everyday lives…a way to reflect, to mark important events, to connect and create.
    Hope to meet up again, one day! :)

  3. Lisa Wood

    I too often wonder about blogging – it takes up a lot of time!! Yet its in my blood, I can’t imagine not ever blogging.
    I think that finding what works for you as a blogger is what a blog is all about…its almost like a personal online diary!!

    And connecting with others is what makes life so interesting. I love reading your blog posts, and I love getting your Tiny Letters in my inbox :)

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Lisa thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate hearing that you enjoy the blog posts and Tiny Letters. Grateful x

  4. Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    Hi Jasmin,

    You’ve been at it a while. I think I started my blog six years ago but only wrote one post! Didn’t really get started until four years ago.

    They have to grow and evolve with us. I am constantly tweaking mine and changing slogans which feels like a failure in many ways but I have to remind myself that all good businesses (and people!) change and evolve.

    I think that’s what makes it interesting.

    You have a great brand. No need to start anew just incorporate it all into this one blog including the tiny letters which sound great. I’ve just signed up :)

    Keep up the great work.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Annabel. I’m really touched by your comment and your kind words about my brand. Really appreciate the encouragement, thanks so much x

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