Status Stickiness

I’ve noticed the crowd integrating Facebook status message with Twitter status. I actually prefer to keep them separate because of the different sticky factors eg how long the status message sticks to the wall.

I have a status on Twitter that I use for transient updates with a chalkboard permanence through the day. Status messages there are written in context at times eg part of a discussion and erratic moments of ego at others which don’t stick for so long.

My Facebook Status is written with more of a crayon permanence as I update my status less often. I really don’t feel comfortable putting chalked status messages in there especially when there is less context. I prefer more context, more longevity. If you can count “Jasmin is pretending she has superpowers” as having context.

So, I’m going to continue publishing different status messages in chalk and crayon even if the cyberwall is virtually permanent. Still, I could do with a status sticky (permanence) marker in Twitter to feed through to other sites, an option to make my status crayon if I want to feed it through to other social networks. Sometimes I would even like to make a status message iron-on – I could send my favourites through to Threadless and create wearable status messages. Now that could redefine the concept of a mobile status message. Heh.

Do you chalk or crayon? Or both? Or are your status updates a work of calligraphy2.0?

Status updates can be a social barometer. Imagine if we wore our status messages as stickynotes on our foreheads at work! People could see our status as we approach.

Oh, and on the matter of Stickiness, I am also reading Made to Stick right now and I’m really enjoying the insights and techniques for capturing attention and helping people to understand your ideas. Worth a looksee.