Sublime Machinima

It’s refreshing to see new artwork like “Meteors” by Rob Wright aka Robbie Dingo and Kirsty Hawkshaw created for the Millions of Us artist in residence program.

Pixels, art, music and storytelling transporting us to the sublime, creative and emotional psyche.


5 thoughts on “Sublime Machinima

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  2. matthk

    It sure is sweet(although possibly dangerously bordering on ‘corny evangelist propaganda’) but I hate the animation – really hate it, like I hate pissweak American coffee kind of hate. But that’s not because I don’t appreciate what the animator was trying to do, or the difficulties he overcame, but because I think 2nd Life is still way too ugly and clunky. I expect a lot more from Virtual Worlds in the 21st century.

  3. wonderwebby

    Douglas I’m glad the animation made your day :)

    and hello Matt! Yes I surely do know what you mean. I really like the mood and it’s refreshing to see stuff coming out of SL and VWs like this. Yes it does borderline saccharine but (I think) he gets away with it. Then are more into Hal Hartley than Tom Hanks :p

    So Mr HK I want YOU to do your crazy stuff in SL. I have some ideas, some real goodies. I’m really amazed that there is not better stuff in SL. I really like the interaction, the creativity in the experience, but in terms of places I like to look at….um, some but not many. I baulk at the poor quality of some machinimas. I like the fact people are making them. It does ring a little of spinning logos circa 96 but that will all change.

    I think you could do some magic there. Methinks you could sell some good little avatars and whip up some fun stuff. So will we see you in there? Drop me your av name and I’ll ping you next time fun ppl hook up. Cheers

  4. sagart

    very nice ww. irrespective of sugar levels or potential pissweak us coffee style taste-risk, it highlights the future potentials in vw art and the endless possibilities.

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