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Speed #sundayart
What you see above is a “successful(?) combination of failed attempts” to produce something for the Sunday Art project, which started April 1 this year.

#SundayArt is all about getting out those pencils again, about having a go with some gauche, or making some mess with glue and paper…whatever works for you to produce some art each week and share with others.

Sharing your art tends to inspire, and when you join in a creative project like this, sharing becomes a motivational force to keep trying!

This week I was almost happy with my rushed attempt to produce something for the theme “speed”. It’s a pretty literal interpretation of the subject, drawing on headlamps on highways at night as inspiration. Actually, what you see is a combination of 3 pictures I wasn’t entirely happy with. I felt the first (middle picture) was too wishy-washy. I tried a couple more but didn’t get the effect I wanted. So I cut them up with my guillotine to create a sort of collage!

Subject: Speed
Materials: Black paper, pastels, scissors, a serviette, guillotine
Method: I used the scissors to scrape some pastel dust onto the black paper, then using a serviette (actually, at first I tried with a patty-case, which worked fine) I quickly swiped the dust into one direction, to resemble cars moving through traffic. Eventually I used the guillotine to create a more dramatic horizon. Next time, I’d look at placing another piece of paper or cardboard on top, while swiping the dust, to create a distinct horizon.
Time taken: approx 15 minutes

What was the last thing you produced for a creative challenge or meme? Don’t be shy! Do you enjoy joining in creative projects? Or does the thought of sharing your artistic endeavours fill you with dread?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Art as a place to start

  1. Lisa Wood

    I really like that – I havent tried art/painting/drawing anything in years! Not since high school – I like how you were able to combine the 3 pictures to make one that you liked! It reminds me of the time I tried to take a photo while Dave was driving through Brisbane….it all came out as lights across the picture!


    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Thanks Lisa, it was good fun and didn’t take too long to do. Hope you find some time to do something creative too :)

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