Taking Stock: September

buy gabapentin illegally Thanks Pip for the prompt to take stock

http://sarajohnson-art.co.uk/nggallery/page/17 On my mind this month…

viagra with priligy buy uk Making : decisions about our event for next year
Cooking : a good Boston Bun recipe that my nine year old found
Drinking : Champagne and Chambord (it was my 15th wedding anniversary and my “second 21st” birthday so…hey…)
Reading: I’m alternating between  Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and Daily Rituals (how artists work) by Mason Currey on audiobook when I’m out walking. I started Matthew Michalewicz’s book Life in Half a Second after the event and I also have Cloudstreet by Tim Winton and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on my bedside table, though I have not started either of them yet. This may not be the most productive way to read.
Wanting: a few hours on my own. And time to catch up with some good friends over a cuppa. I’m an ambivert, I think.
Helloooo #Melbourne coffee :)
Looking: at the green vine leaves growing outside my window
Playing: tricks with our dog
Deciding: how to create some beautiful life experiences for my family
Wishing: I could find a good short course about creating abstract art
Enjoying: the things my children say
Waiting: for school holidays so we don’t have to rush in the morning
Liking: the change in season
Wondering: when I will get time to write my next Creative Note
Loving: friends who say to you “I’ll organise your birthday lunch” and do exactly that in a mystery location with wonderful company
Pondering: healthy meal plans
Considering: making pancakes for dinner
Watching: Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch. So beautifully styled. Tilda Swinton was fabulous too
Hoping: to visit Cairns and Tropical North Queensland again, after a quick trip last week. So relaxing!
So pretty out today #exploretnq
Marvelling: at people who give their all to their work, like Melina Shamroth from M.A.D Foundation who lost all her stock for homeless and those in need, but is making plans to get back on track with a Trivia Night in October.
Needing: a date at the movies soon
Smelling: Spring…pollens, fragrances, freshly mown lawns and barbeques
Wearing: a necklace given to me by my husband for our anniversary
Following: the #52packages idea by Kylie Lewis from Of Kin. It’s a beautiful idea!
Noticing: how amazing the world is

(like this 35m tall Kauri Pine at Skyrails Red Peak Station. This pine is around 400 – 500 years old and is just incredible to behold)
Knowing: the rest of the year is going to fly by
Thinking: about the event we just held, how we can improve it, where will will host it next year
Admiring: people who put more effort than they ever knew they had into making ideas happen
Sorting: paperwork (ugh)
Buying: I recently bought a wig online from The Wig Outlet for a party and was very impressed by their service and quality
Getting: flowers and champagne
Bookmarking: Conference and Event venues
Disliking: lazy customer service
Opening: my heart and mind
Giggling: when I put my foot in my mouth
Feeling: ready for a holiday with my boys
Snacking: sourdough toast and cheese please
Coveting: the help of a Housekeeper like Alice from the Brady Bunch
Helping: to spread the word about M.A.D Woman Foundation needing a boost (including donations) so they can continue to help others
Hearing: not much but the sound of birds…and children….and music…..

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