Taking the Time

Despite what some people say, it’s not difficult to find the time to use social media. You can write a blog post to share your knowledge, rather than answer the same question multiple times via email to a limited audience, for instance.

However, have you considered how social media has become almost too easy to use?  It becomes too easy to quickly skim through the blog posts in your RSS feedreader, even the posts you enjoy. It can be too easy to read a blog post and move onto the next task, rather than engage in conversation by commenting or sharing it. A lazy retweet is easier than adding a couple of words with your own point of view.  We become consumers and regurgitators of information again, when we could really be participating in something more valuable.

When I saw this animation, I nearly wrote a quick tweet about it. But I thought it was worth posting for posterity. Watch it in full screen, with a cup of tea (or coffee or whatever takes your fancy) and enjoy.


Watching this reminded me of my animation lecturer explaining how animation allows you to create illusion and make something out of nothing. The definition of animation is –  from Latin animatus, give life to, from anima breath, soul. As you know, it takes a lot of time to create an animation and only a few minutes to enjoy the results of an original idea. 

I hope you were able to take your time to watch this little creative 3 minute refreshment and catch your breath in a fast paced day.

Keep on inspiring!