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Last week I attended an “all about blogging” Greater IBM virtual event as a guest speaker, along with Andy Piper and Linda Griffin. I’ve quickly put together my key points from the event into slide format. I based it on things that stand out to me in my approach to blogging. Here ’tis..
[slideshare id=578818&doc=all-about-blogging-1220351075579990-8&w=425]
The event was hosted by Debbe Kennedy and Vasundhar Boddapati . We had a great conversation around the topic of blogging and heard how it has made a difference to each person. It was great to be involved. Feel free to join in on Slideshare and share your own approach to blogging. Let me know if you do!

3 thoughts on “the blogger

  1. Andy Piper

    I was a little jealous of you thinking this far ahead and making some sort of notes. I admit I hadn’t got that far in thinking about a structure for what I was going to say!

    It was a great event, thoroughly enjoyed it – and we were all very grateful to you for staying up so late to share your experiences with us.

  2. vasundhar

    Hi Jasmin,

    I liked your talk throughly, and I wonder how you managed to put some thing so wonderful that late at night, it really made big difference
    (Check my blog post

    Thanks a ton!

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