The challenge of a fabulous frockathon

We did it! Today is the last day of October which means I am wearing my final frock for FROCKTOBER!

If I lived in a warmer climate, I’m certain this frockathon would have been easier. I’d simply be able to slip on a dress each day and voila! Dressed up! There would be no cardigans or jackets to match, no scarves to style, no belts to colour code and no boots to zip up. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up. Just not Every. Single. Day!

Yes, this frock-a-day-fundraiser has been a little bit epic.

While I might have held onto frocks for this Ovarian Cancer Research challenge, usually they are found hanging neatly in my small wardrobe or stacked away for parties, just in case. Quite often (especially on cold Melbourne days!!!) I like to wear jeans and runners while I’m busy packing school lunches, walking the dog, and working from my kitchen table. Usually, figuring out what I’m going to wear today is the LAST priority on my list, because hey, like every other mum, life is busy!

Yesterday, I almost gave up all of my frock-tivity. I reached my $1000 goal but then the donations stopped. I looked longingly at my tshirt. Should I? Would anyone notice? That’s right, by day 30 the frockathon had pushed me to the limits of wardrobe endurance. I collapsed onto my bed in exhaustion. What would I wear? How could I possibly coordinate another outfit and get three boys ready for school on time, again?!  How could I face the daunting task of matching earrings and shoes, when all I wanted to do was blindly grab whatever was clean from the stack of clothes that was beginning to pile up next to my side of the bed? Did I really have to share another photo of myself?

But I frocked up. At first I looked like a cake-topper. As I said, wardrobe exhaustion. Ugh. Black was the only solution. Black, which I wore almost every day as a 16 year old. Black, Melbourne’s staple wardrobe colour. Black, so good to see you!

And how grateful am I that I pushed though?! I received three fabulous donations yesterday!

Frocktober, it’s been a fun ride. My fashion sense has been pushed to the limits. I have questioned my own colour combinations. I have spent more time getting ready every morning this month than the whole year combined! My ensuite has suffered the wrath of a woman struggling to choose the right shade of blue. My sons will be happy that I now have time to organise their birthdays (I have done nothing…nothing!)

Seriously though, a huge thanks to the brilliant supporters who have donated this month. I am so happy that so far I have DOUBLED The DOLLARS raised in 2011.

It’s not too late to donate or make a pledge.. here’s your last chance!

And here are the final days of frockery for your amusement…

Relaxing after work on #Frocktober the 28th. Just a few days to go! #ovariancancer #fundraiser Frocktober the 28th: Country pickings, silks and coats, boots and wine, French loaf and views.
#frocktober the 29th and two days of fRockin' fundraising to go!

buy antabuse disulfiram Frocktober the 29th: French vintage and life drawing, family and love, drawing and curry
#frocktober the 30th! One one more day and frock to go. Thanks @_lukie for your support today!

Frocktober the 30th: Black and blue, tempted by jeans but frocking on…

Woohoooo! It's the last day of #frocktober :) and your last chance to donate

buy non prescription Clomiphene FROCKTOBER THE 31st!! It’s still cold, so I have a granny blanket to keep me company!


Yeehaaaar! We did it! Woop! Clink! AMAZING! $1,330 raised so far towards Ovarian Cancer Research…and over $250,000 raised as a total by all Frocktober participants…the highest amount raised ever!

Thank YOU! xx

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