The Digital Narrative and the Lightning Bug

Martin Jorgensen is a man with a passion for narrative. With a background in writing and IT, he is currently studying to be a teacher and saw a gap in the use of web resources for story writing in the classroom. So, he set up self-funded website Lightning Bug to help young adults engage with story writing , which now attracts 40 to 800 visitors per day. He is hoping to launch “The Digital Narrative” in September this year – a website dedicated to writing using digital media.

“Young adults are growing up younger and faster with more expected of them each day. Understanding how to write a good story is an extremely effective way to express a point of view. Young adults writing stories become empowered; they deserve to be and should be heard.

The quote by Carlos Fuentes ‘writing is a struggle against silence’ comes close to describing my inspiration for creating Lightning Bug and Digital Narrative. Through my study and work in education and professional writing, I’ve developed a strong interest in engaging young adults in story writing. It’s something I believe in as an educator, as a parent, and as writer.”


I know Martin through his remarkable wife Penni. We met through our involvement in an Australian web community for mothers in 2002. But that’s another story.

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