The gift of Creativity

The lovely Eileen Clegg, known for her wonderful murals and visual journalism, kindly created a Shout Out for Creativity mural and video for the Shout Out Social project. She shares some wonderful insights into the nature of creativity.


You will have to come along to the event in Melbourne if you want to see the rest of her message this weekend :) along with guest speaker Shahin Shafaei, and some great images submitted by people around the world! Althought it’s too late to include your own Shout Out  image for inclusion in the exhibition – it’s not too late to submit one to the Flickr Group (tag sos09) and/or to make a donation of $10 (today)! to the Opportunity International microfinance project (that’s what this Shout Out project has been all about – fundraising to help women to get out of poverty!)

Many thanks to the following wonderful people who have given their creative time to this Shout Out Social project, including (in no particular order):

Marigo Raftopolous, Luke Grange, Debbe Kennedy and Sally K. GreenMelissa Sader, Sagart, Karen Tipping, Amy Jussel, Bad Koala ,Bernie Michalik, August Boehm, David Armano, ePredator, Bettina Cutler, Jared Woods, Vasundharb, Janelle Amet, David Masters, Rucsb, Siddharth, Sean Lew, David Talamelli, Penni Russon, Gypsychk, Andy Piper, Aaron Julius Kim, Ric Hayman, Amy Palko and Michelle Zamora.

I look forward to seeing how this project all comes together on Saturday night! Hope to see you there!

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