The last week of Frocktober

I love dressing up but I don’t follow fashion trends. If you asked me what’s happening on the catwalks of Paris, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But I enjoy the way we can express ourselves through colours, patterns, textures and shapes. I adore design, so fashion fascinates me. I also love a good fundraiser, which is why I decided to join in with Frocktober this year.

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of friends and strangers, helping to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. You see, every ten hours, one woman dies from ovarian cancer in Australia. The key to changing this statistic is early detection.

This year I started with a $1000 goal and incredibly, I’ve raised $1,150 with four days to go. You are AMAZING! I wasn’t even sure I’d get to $1k!

I’m very grateful to all who have donated so far. And if I get just another four donations of $40 we will have doubled the amount I raised two years ago! WOW! (In 2011 I had a $300 goal and was thrilled with the resulting $655 raised.) All proceeds to go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who receive no government funding, to help with research and an early detection test.

To raise funds I have been wearing frocks everywhere I go this month. I’m dressing up to go to the supermarket. I’m wearing frocks to appointments, school assemblies and while walking the dog.

Here’s a summary of my frockcapades for days 23 to 27. And remember you can donate on my Everyday Hero page


Frocktober 23rd Frocktober the 23rd: It’s cold Melbourne! This outfit is a little bit tongue in cheek, and I’m wearing a cardigan I found at an op-shop a while ago with a pretty red frock. Feeling a little bit Christmassy! And no, I’m not really doing  handstand!

#frocktober the 24th. THANK YOU for your amazing support to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. I've already passed my goal of $1k and still frockin'. Seven days to go!

Centurion Frocktober 24th: Wore a pretty frock to a farm (note: don’t wear white shoes on a farm) for a ProBlogger management meeting before heading to Healesville for dinner and a team retreat. Reds, corals and whites!

#frocktober the 25th. Same frock, different scarf. Thanks @easypeasykids @richendav for your donations! Frocktober the 25th: A little more conservative today for a ProBlogger Event 2014 team planning session in Healesville. Yes I wore this frock earlier this month, but today I dressed it up with a cardigan, belt, gold earrings and a pop of mauve for school pick-up later that day. Frocks are so versatile, like that!

#frocktober the 26th. Not long now and $1150 donated! Thank you x Thanks also @metalicusaustralia for this lovely pink frock.

Frocktober the 26th: I was feeling a little wardrobe-challenged so thankfully Metalicus came to my rescue with a pink Cosmos Tank Dress. I don’t usually wear bright pink, so I had a quick look on Pinterest for some colour inspiration and paired it with mustard, brown boots (cold Melbourne!),  a neutral scarf and coral necklace. And guess what, I loved wearing bright pink!
#frocktober the 27th and I'm frocking on because of your support! We went to #heidemoma this afternoon...beautiful art and gardens! Feeling inspired. Thanks #metalicus for this fab frock.

Frocktober the 27th: I spent the afternoon at Heide Museum of Modern Art. A cool day called for some bright colour, so I matched this light grey flared slip dress (courtesy of Metalicus) with a cream cardi, gold necklace, buttercup belt and bright yellow scarf!  I ended up wearing boots so that I could trek through the gorgeous garden after spending time inside the galleries and adoring the architecture of Heide II.

Beautiful @heidemoma

Lovely Heide gardens. It’s so good to spend time in surroundings that inspire.

Whispering walls at @heidemoma


Four days to go. Four more frocks to dig out of my wardrobe. Four $40 donations to make my day, and help Ovarian Cancer Research. Can you help me to spread the word by sharing or liking this post? Or donate at


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