The meaning of a personal online brand

Last night I attended a Greater IBM Connection (alumni) virtual party in Secondlife where Debbe Kennedy was launching her new book. During the proceedings Ted Childs, former VP of Diversity at IBM made this wonderful observation about Debbe.

Ted Childs in Secondlife
Ted Childs in Secondlife

He spoke of her passion for people and how he saw her career progress – not by putting herself first – but by always thinking of how to improve things and progress things for other people.

What a wonderful quality to be known for. Sometimes in this web2.0 space I’m cautious not to begin too many sentences beginning with “I”. Although I know it can be “all about me” in the web2.0 world I hope that my focus also can be about others. When does personal expression and conversation turn into pure navel gazing with an audience?

So while I challenge myself, let me also ask you. What is your personal online brand doing for others? Is your brand all about you? Have you seen any examples of personal brands that speak less of the person and more of other people?