The Power of We Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is “The Power of We”.  So I made up this little ditty.

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Why is there power in US more than I?

Together WE help, together WE try

THEM becomes US, YOU becomes I

A world of MEs cared for when WE meet their cry.


The best thing about blogging and using social media? I can make a difference with YOU.


WE helped to create a microfinance project for impoverished women in the Philippines.

WE raised funds last Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research.

WE created a book to raise funds for Variety Children’s Charity.

WE helped Mama Lucy build a school in Tanzania.

YOU rock.

Really, you do. There are some really generous people in the world. Every tweet, post, share and donation helps. I think you’re awesome.

WE can do even greater things for World Vision Australia…in particular the West African Food Crisis.  I’m thinking…maybe an AMAZING creative ebook (or something!) this year? But I’d love to hear your ideas. Would you like to be involved? How would you like to contribute? Could you share words or pictures? Expertise? A prize? What can you do?
West Africa Food Crisis - Donate now
I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can make a big difference in the next few months for the West Africa Food Crisis Appeal.  You can also read posts by the other World Vision Blogger Ambassadors that are joining in our Blog Action Day Linkup below. You can tweet or share it on Facebook using  #BAD12 and #WVbloggers. If you have the capacity or desire, you may like to sponsor a child, or donate to the West Africa Food Crisis Appeal.  Or just drop a comment of support and tell me if you believe in the power of we?

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    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Joy – I have no idea how I managed to write this post. But I really wanted to. So it came out of that desire to do something good for WVA :)

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