Thursday Things: alive and animated

As I was taking some photos for #ThursdayThings I realised how many things were animated, in one way or another. These hints of life are found perched in my kitchen, posing in vases, framed on my walls and may occasionally be found underfoot, thanks to our three boys.
#thursdaythings hanging around in the kitchen

Loved reading the poems and looking at the pictures over and over
Full of life or excitement; lively.
(of a movie) Made using animation techniques.
#thursdaythings in the kitchen 2

(of a person, animal, or plant) Living, not dead.
(of a feeling or quality) Continuing in existence: “keeping hope alive”.
Pictures on books


These little things keep me imagining, hint at the possibilities, call me to create.

Do you have things in your home which inspire you through their creative quality?

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