Thursday Things: Sticks and stones

One of the boys ran inside the house this afternoon, grabbed another nectarine from the bowl and gave me a huge grin before dashing outside.

It was one of those ‘we’re up to something and we’re having fun’ smiles. I looked out the window and saw the three of them sitting happily around a new construction they were making out of sticks, bricks and stones.

"we're making a bug home"

I love moments like this. I love that they made a messy pile of rubble in my backyard.

There’s a certain freedom to be found, being creative outdoors with a small pile of rocks and a fresh piece of fruit we bought together from the local orchard. The boys were being creative, resourceful, imaginative and they did it together. What a beautiful thing.

Love this season!

So here’s to rocks and sticks and dirt. You might not be welcome all over my floor, but I was glad to have you around today.