Tony's Ride to the Red Centre

Tony Hollingsworth, a bloke I know through Twitter (as you do, these days) is looking for some support.

You see, he’s about to take off on his motorbike with around 70 other riders traveling 6000km to Alice Springs for a fundraiser called the Black Dog Ride.

Sure, an open road, a nice gig, you might say. He admits it himself, “I love motorcycles – there’s something about them. The freedom, the sound, the fresh air, the countryside you tour through. Here is an opportunity to pursue a dream and see much of our outback, for a good cause.”

Still, he’s sacrificing time with his family @MrsH5 and their three young daughters for two weeks as well as an income – he’s self employed with no paid holidays – to raise funds for The Black Dog Institute.

“Depression is serious. 20% are affected. It has affected my family and friends. I think talking about it will help others who may not be so comfortable talking about it, or feel alone. If we can get others talking, we may save lives. I am putting resources and facts together on my blog to share. I hope to help others and even save lives.”

The other great thing is that he’s sharing this all using Social Media.

“Social Media (or connected media as I prefer to call it now) is my passion: it allows me to connect, share and build relationships with people (my other passion: people!) After participating in The Perfect Gift for a Man in July 2009 I realised that connected media could be used for social good. Social good to me means using what skills and knowledge we have to help other people and our world, be more successful. It’s something I believe I am good at, and think I will be doing this for the rest of my life. “

You can read more about Tony’s Black Dog ride on Posterous: and Twitter @hollingsworth Hashtag: #TonyBlackDogRide. His friends are also raising awareness. The ride is organised by another bloke on Twitter called Steve Andrews @blackdogride.

To donate visit Tony’s Black Dog Fundraising Page

Tony’s bike outside the Sydney IBM Building (full disclosure, Tony is also one of IBM’s Business Partners – note also my blog disclaimer)

One thought on “Tony's Ride to the Red Centre

  1. Tony Hollingsworth

    What can I say – love your post! Community support has been so inspiring – I’ve been often speechless when thanking people: almost choking up! Take my friend Roger’s (@rog42) recent guest-post: This is really going to help people!

    I’ll continue sharing and connecting this to others in the hope that the message of support and awareness of depressive illness is heard far and wide.

    Thanks for your support!

    Tony – Tony’s Black Dog Ride 5th-20th September 2010

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