Transforming Design

A short while back, a colleague in the US blogged (on the intranet) about an innovative product design that needed particular feedback, so I spent a few moments replying. I thought this issue deserved some more publicity and input, so I spontaneously used our internal social networking site Beehive to set up a call to action; calling upon a number of people I have “friended” on Beehive to help with more ideas.

Within 24 hours people from all over the globe, from different parts of the business contributed their bright and shiny ideas, which helped my colleague move his project forward. His team now has so many things to consider adding to the design, that he’s almost not sure where to begin!

Social networks rock. I do enjoy being part of a solution and seeing ideas come together, don’t you?

a group on the moon
bright and shiny ideas in a social network
image courtesy of Boston Bill

2 thoughts on “Transforming Design

  1. sentient

    That is the beauty of an effective social network. Global brainstorming without any gain except for an urge to chip in with my 2 cents :)

  2. wonderwebby

    hi Sentient, nice to see you here :)

    indeed – it’s great when people embrace innovation

    This colleague is based in the US and I was probably also compelled to help him out because I “knew him” through his blog and Twitter. Relationship is what makes it social media I guess!!!

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