Tweet Thirteen

Meet @timecommander Dan Miranda. He’s thirteen years old and writes a blog about personal development. He is running a competition on his blog, with a chance to win a copy of Problogger’s book if you follow him on Twitter


Meet another thirteen year old @pencilbugs Jason O’Neill who invented springy things that sit on the top of your pencil. More than that, he donates to nonprofits already and has big dreams to give, as he tweeted today Hilden isotretinoin with out a prescription I want Pencil Bugs biz to be an empire so I can give millions some day. #GNO


#GNO is Girls Night Out – a great conversation that happens on Twitter once a week. Today’s chat was about raising giving, service-oriented, charitable children.

Meet @MeghnaK a 13 year old girl in India who has a couple of thousand followers on Twitter. Meghna K  who has a couple of blogs about her interest in creative writing


I’m amazed.

3 thoughts on “Tweet Thirteen

  1. Joanna Young

    I’m amazed too. I have followed Meghna on twitter for a while now, and it was a while before I realised she was the age she is. I love the way she interacts with her followers. Definitely a girl who’s going places :-)

  2. timecommand

    Sorry I hadn’t gotten to respond to this yet. Very much appreciate your compliments and I think it’s awesome that you choose to spread the word about young people on Twitter. I want to know exactly how you found me, if you can remember.

  3. wonderwebby

    Hi Joanna. I was struck by their tenacity!

    Dan thanks for your note. I think someone tweeted about your Problogger book giveaway, but I do recall seeing your blog mentioned a while ago. I just wish I could remember who posted it! Thanks for dropping by!

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