Twitter Flitter

web2.0de to Dr Seuss

If your Twitter’s in a muddle

And your Blog is getting fuddled

Then a Griefer makes you rezzy

So your Avatar gets dizzy

When your Wiki’s getting wacko

And your Facebook’s going spacko

So you go to type a Twitter

And the Twitter seems too bitter

When your mind is getting hazy

And your fingers’ getting lazy

Or your tweeting’s interrupted

And your Twitter gets corrupted

So your tweet is hence deleted

Like you never even tweeted

THIS is what you call a fuddled wuddled

web two’d muddled blogger slogger’s Twitter Flitter



3 thoughts on “Twitter Flitter

  1. wonderwebby

    *clap clap* Andy :)

    My original “Twitter Flitter” Twitter was a couple of days ago.

    “typing a twitter then choosing not to update is called a flitter” 11:12 PM September 21, 2007

    and the Dr Seuss influence was c/o the little monkeys :)

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