Twitter Passport

Laura Fitton’s post on Twitter Village & Shel Israel’s twitterings and tongue in cheek post seeking votes for a Twitter Mayor made me (again) consider the unusual social dynamics of Twitter. In fact, it made me think perhaps we are all cultural exhange students in Twitterville.

Well, many of us arrive in this village as foreigners, we are all adapting to a networked culture, we are establishing our identities from scratch and as Laura describes, “tribe-finding”. Twitter can be a passport to explore different cultures, sub-cultures, thoughts and ideas.
Jazzydee Twitter Passport stamp

Question is, do you choose to take a Contiki tour of Twitterville (thereby acquiring a heckuvalotta passport stamps) or do your stamps represent more substance, connections, memories, and valuable insights into other cultures? Maybe it depends how often you choose to dip into the conversations, your willingness to learn and embrace new ideas and your confidence to contribute to a dynamic community.

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