Unfolding Ideas

improvised dance
“Session d’improvisation chorégraphique”. Source: Flickr DavidO

Contributing ideas to a collaborative project can be a great experience. Can you recall your early “social” media production memories? Here are some of mine:

  • Paper foldovers game -we would fold paper over a few times, then one person would draw the head, the next person draws the torso and arms etc
  • Making” radio station” cassette tapes with neighbours and friends at primary school (you record 10 mins of music, jokes and jabbering….then pass it on and so forth)
  • Collaborative storywriting. When I was 12 my best friend and I swapped an exercise book every few days. I would write a chapter, she would pass it back and so on. We would be in tears laughing as a story and pictures unfolded about odd characters and ’70s fashion.
  • TheatreSports. What fun. Our team won the high school championship of these lunch time games! Each person in a small team plays in a game of improvisation. We all enjoyed the often surprising narrative, improvisation and interaction taking place.

When individuals are given the opportunity to make a unique contribution to a group project, some great stories and ideas can unfold. Creating a scenario, then allowing others to improvise upon your idea and create new content can produce some nice surprises. Yes, even in the context of business.