Unfolding Ideas

improvised dance
“Session d’improvisation chorégraphique”. Source: Flickr DavidO

Banes Contributing ideas to a collaborative project can be a great experience. Can you recall your early “social” media production memories? Here are some of mine:

  • Paper foldovers game -we would fold paper over a few times, then one person would draw the head, the next person draws the torso and arms etc
  • Making” radio station” cassette tapes with neighbours and friends at primary school (you record 10 mins of music, jokes and jabbering….then pass it on and so forth)
  • Collaborative storywriting. When I was 12 my best friend and I swapped an exercise book every few days. I would write a chapter, she would pass it back and so on. We would be in tears laughing as a story and pictures unfolded about odd characters and ’70s fashion.
  • TheatreSports. What fun. Our team won the high school championship of these lunch time games! Each person in a small team plays in a game of improvisation. We all enjoyed the often surprising narrative, improvisation and interaction taking place.

http://coldwatergardens.com/wp/wp-class.php When Read Full Article individuals are given the opportunity to make a unique contribution to a group project, some great stories and ideas can unfold. Creating a scenario, then allowing others to improvise upon your idea and create new content can produce some nice surprises. Yes, even in the context of business.

5 thoughts on “Unfolding Ideas

  1. Rab

    Yes, social media is not new. I think as you get older you forget how to bend the structure of everyday life to innovate in the ways that kids do naturally. Maybe passing notes in class was the original version of twitter? And remember when your actual yearbook was ‘the facebook’ wall?

  2. Shai Coggins

    I also had a collaborative storywriting buddy as a kid. :-)

    And yeah… ‘been meaning to try collaborative artmaking online. Maybe one of these days! :-)

    I’ve always loved how projects and ideas unfold when 2 or more people are involved.

  3. kieran

    I used to be a member of this Playback Theater group. (In Playback Theater, someone from the audience comes up and tells a story, and the troupe improv/reenacts the story.) Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was very powerful therapy.

    Often we’d reenact a story, mix up the players, reenact the story again, mix up the players, reenact the story again … etc. Was always interesting to see the storytellers reaction in cases where we got it “right” every time, even though each retelling was completely different.

  4. wonderwebby

    Shai check out what Kelly is doing – looks really good.

    Kieran that sounds great. It reminds me of a play I saw once called “House”. Performed in a house, a play about housemates, one act repeated twice, but viewed in different rooms (kitchen, loungeroom or bedroom – you choose)

    The other thing that strikes me, these are the things we do on our own accord, because we enjoy doing it. We learn, we stretch our imaginations, we interact. If only my shool had incorporated this form of social collaboration into our learning! :)

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