Upcoming Events: informal learning, changing our world

Somehow I have got myself involved in a few special events over the next few weeks :o

1. Inspecht HR Futures Conference this Thursday in Melbourne. I’ve put together a presentation to showcase some of the work IBMers are doing in the area of informal learning, web 2.0, virtual worlds along with some insights into my own personal experience, and tips for creating a successful informal learning experience.  If you intend to register, let me know as I can give two people a discount of 30%! I’m looking forward to hearing some of the other speakers including Stephen Collin’s observations from TED.

2. International Women’s Day event “Renewing Ourselves Changing Our World” hosted by the Global Dialogue Center, Women in the Lead. I am so honoured to be on a panel for this event for women around the world. I’m participating in the second half  “changing the world” at 7.30am Sat 7 March Melbourne time (talking about the Women’s Investment project)and there are some AMAZING speakers. From their blog:

It’s a NEW DAY!
Renewing Ourselves; Changing the World

Friday March 6 from 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. ET
(10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. PT)
Online at the Women in the Lead at the
Global Dialogue Center CONFERENCE CENTER
This special day is a gift to women everywhere sponsored by Women in the Lead at the Global Dialogue Center in partnership with Women’s Radio. There are no fees, but you must register to get the login information to set-up your computer and to attend.


  • Listen to our personal audio invitation Click HERE
    from Founders, Debbe Kennedy, Global Dialogue Center and Pat Lynch, Women’s Radio
  • It’s a NEW DAY – PDF Brochure with link to register.

Our focus will be on women’s leadership, professional, and personal development. We’ve planned two dialogue themes: 1) Renewing Ourselves so we are ready to contribute and lead the way at this time of both crisis and opportunity. 2) Changing the World …an inspiring exploration of how we can put our differences to work to build better organizations, healthier communities, stronger families, and a better world for everyone than we know today. We also have extraordinary women leadership trailblazers and role models to inspire our conversation from regions around the world, including accomplished thought leaders…

We have extraordinary women leadership trailblazers and role models you will not want to miss. They will be joining us to inspire our conversation from regions around the world, including…

United States Congresswomen Barbara Lee representing the 9th Congressional District in California

Harriet Mayor Fulbright, President, J. William and Harriet Fulbright Center
…Fostering peace and justice through education and collaboration

Daphne Nederhorst, Founder and Executive Director
SAWA Global Empowering unknown leaders in the world’s 50 poorest countries

Cécile Demailly, co-author, Women @ Work No. 10:
Networking: The New Ariadne’s Thread
Building awareness of the power of women networking.
Founder and Executive Consultant, Early Strategies

No FEES, our gift to you, but you must register to receive
HOW TO ATTEND information for logging in ONLINE to the event
and the audio options available to you. Space is limited; reserve your seat.
Invite a friend!

Registration LINK: https://www120.livemeeting.com/lrs/0000011799/Registration.aspx?pageName=fj56g81t7lbj242g
Allow a few seconds for the link to open.

3. Shout Out Social (of course) a fundraising event I’m coordinating with your help, for Opportunity International. The event will be hosted by Horse Bazaar, featuring a digital wall show and positive video messages about using your creative voice for positive change. I would love for you to be my guest. Sat 14th March 5-7pm. Free Entry, donation box for your tax deductible donations and pledges will be available.

Who says blogging is a waste of time? When you end up being involved with events like these, you know that your (enjoyable) investment was worth the effort!

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