Invitation to a Creative Cultural Partnership

Zhongxing I like to dream. And I like to be terribly practical.
I like to indulge in creative pursuits. And I like to make a real difference where it matters.
I believe that imagination can assist in social transformation.
I am inspired when creative individuals are equipped and empowered to participate in life changing projects.

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more films available for viewing on the VCA website I know some of you have a real passion for narrative therapy, creative programs for shaping youth and the use of social media for non profit programs amongst other innovative endeavours. Are you looking for potential partnership opportunities to discuss your area of interest? Are you curious about the role of the arts in “cultural democracy; community leadership and cultural citizenship; youth arts, creativity and urban culture; and the role of the artist in social innovation strategies?” Are you interested in the evaluation of the arts in community cultural development? With your dreams and skills in mind, would you also like to be involved in programs, conferences and alliances with the VCA Centre for Cultural Partnership (CCP)? Please let me know.

I’m both flattered and excited to attend the first VCA CCP Advisory Committee meeting this week and would love to share your interest. This is a such a great opportunity for discussion and collaboration.

Do you have a passion for community cultural development? Who has inspired you? Which great examples have you had the privelege to participate in or view?

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