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Today was a significant day for me. The Hon Julia Gillard, MP, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia launched the VCA Centre for Cultural Partnerships “a dynamic hub, drawing in people from around the world to think, reflect and take action on building stronger, more vital communities through partnership-based approaches to the arts, community development and cultural expression”.

The launch was fabulous, including performances by Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company and the Lamine Sonko Ensemble. Ms Gillard, who is also Minister for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, and Social Inclusion spoke about the meaning of social inclusion and the need for individuals around Australia to have a voice in the community. She spoke about the role the arts has in personal expression, from visual arts to performing arts and digital media.

I heard stories from Advisory Committee members; Directors, CEOs and creative professionals¬† talking about projects involving the arts and communities, homeless people, women, Indigenous Australians, youth…people from all walks of life in Australia and all around the world. I felt truly humbled to be sitting amongst people who are really contributing to society through the arts and creative expression. I was on the edge of my seat, listening to their stories and experiences.

Anyway, the day was very exciting and just too exciting to take many photos, so I only managed to grab this one on the way out …

What an honour (thanks to an opportunity through my employer.) No doubt I will¬† be blogging more about the Centre for Cultural Partnerships as I become more involved. It’s a joy, because it brings together my lifelong involvement and love of performing & visual arts, digital media, community development and creative therapy – it feels like home . It even makes me feel like joining their Masters program.

To top the day off, I saw the best performance of the day –¬† my six year old singing on stage, outdoors at his school for Christmas Carols night with his biggest, brightest gappy-tooth-smile ever :)

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